Congratulations to Dr. Khademhosseini for being named the ACS Kavli Emerging Leader in Chemistry
March 08, 2014

You can find more information about this recognition here.


Congratulations to Dr. Chaenyung Cha for faculty position in Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST)
January 14, 2014


Prof. Khademhosseini named a AAAS fellow
December 03, 2013


Congratulations to Dr. MD Anwarul Hasan for faculty position at American University of Beirut!
October 15, 2013


The Khademhosseini Lab uses a multi-disciplinary approach, to develop microscale and nanoscale technologies with the ultimate goal of generating tissue-engineered organs and controlling cell behavior.

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BioMEMS Workshop

N. Sadr, M. Zhu, T. Osaki, T. Kakegawa, Y. Yang, M. Moretti, J. Fukuda, A. Khademhosseini. “SAM-based cell transfer to photopatterned hydrogels for microengineering vascular-like structures” Biomaterials 32: 7479-7490 (2011).
A. Khademhosseini, J. Vacanti, R. Langer.  “Tissue Engineering: Next Generation Tissue Constructs and Challenges to Clinical Practice” Scientific American. 300(1):64-71(2009).
Y.-S. Hwang*, B.G. Chung*, D. Ortmann*, N. Hattori, H.-C. Moeller, A. Khademhosseini.  “Microwell mediated control of embryoid body size regulates embryonic stem cell fate via differential expression of WNT5a and WNT11” Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences USA. 106(40):16978-83(2009).
Y. Du*, E. Lo*, A. Shamsher, A. Khademhosseini. “Directed assembly of cell-laden microgels for fabrication of 3D tissue constructs” Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences USA. 150(28):9522-9527(2009).



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